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Jun 302014

Transworld Paper No. 32

by Danilo Di Mauro

This paper focuses on American and European attitudes towards the economy before and during the financial and economic crisis. The analysis concerns six main topics: the importance of the economy, perceptions of the economic situation, support for free-market, attitudes towards globalization, and support for both governmental and international regulation. Results confirm a remarkable effect of the financial and economic crisis on public opinion in Europe and the US for the most part of indicators analyzed. Particularly, people are more concerned with economic matters and pessimist about the economic situation. EU and US publics are less distant than expected, especially during the crisis. Most evident differences concern support for a stronger market regulation. From a first investigation, this seems linked to the trust of American conservatives in the power of “self-regulation” of the market.


Mar 202013

Transworld Working Paper No. 10

by Andrea Renda

The globalization of the economy of the past two decades has created more challenges than opportunities for the EU. Already at the beginning of this century, the EU started feeling a heavy pressure from emerging economies, which led to a reshuffling of global GDP shares, the polarization of EU job markets and a gradual loss of competitiveness in several industry sectors. The economic downturn since 2008 has just exacerbated this process. Overall, this paper portraits a rather gloomy outlook for Europe’s future role in the global economy: the EU suffers from major weaknesses at home, not least due to lack of political and economic integration and the prevalence of parochial instances in the trade negotiations. Current policy responses in the domain of trade policy, innovation and industrial policy do not seem likely to restore and ensure the EU’s leading role in the global economy.