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Apr 262012

The Advisory Board (AdBo) would serve as an external body  tasked with providing the Coordinator and the Steering Committee with key independent scrutiny on the project’s development and enhance the dissemination potential of the project.

It is composed of individuals with experience in academia, government and international organisations and journalism from both the EU and US as well the BRIC  countries, in order to maximise both the academic and policy relevance and dissemination impact of the  project. TRANSWORLD’s Advisory Board is composed of 6 members: one European, one North American as well as one member per each of the BRIC countries.

The AdBo’s membership is meant  to strengthen its ability to come out with innovative inputs reflecting the specific sensitivity, perceptions,  and insights of the EU-US as well as the non-western international relations community.

 Posted by on April 26, 2012