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Apr 262012

Professor, EPGE and Special Aide to the President Fondação Getulio Vargas Rio de Janeiro

Is Professor at the Graduate School of Economics – EPGE/FGV, Rio de Janeiro; President of the Management Committee of programme PEP (Poverty and Economic Policy), based in Canada; President of the Brazilian chapter of the European Community Studies Association; Member of the Advisory Board of the Chair Mercosur, at Sciences Po, Paris, and Member of the Fiscal Board of CEBRI – Brazilian Centre for International Relations. He is a former Member of the Permanent Group of Experts of the Committee on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures, WTO, Geneva, where he also acted as negotiator for the Fourth Protocol of the Agreement on Telecommunications, after the Uruguay Round. He has an extensive academic career, in Brazilian and European universities, with a large experience in teaching, research and consulting. His main interests are in development economics and trade (theory and policy), European and Regional Integration in general and the links amongst International Law, Politics and Economics, within the context of globalisation. He also holds interests in the economics of culture, being a member of the informal group of experts at UNESCO, Paris, on the measurement and analysis of aspects related to the Convention on Cultural Diversity. Before engaging in academics, he had important positions in the Brazilian government, at the federal (Ministry of Planning) and state (Rio de Janeiro) levels. He was a pioneer in providing public access to official data, something which became a key instrument for improving the debate on the social aspects of Brazilian development strategies. He has worked with international organisations (the IDB, the World Bank, the OECD Development Centre) and foreign affairs ministries. At present, he is involved in the development of methodologies for global risk assessment in different contexts. His education includes the titles of PhD (economics), M.B.A. (financial engineering), M. Sc. (probability theory) and Systems Engineer.

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