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Apr 262012

Director, Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group

A founder of the Calcutta Research Group (CRG) and its journal, Refugee Watch,  was earlier a professor of South Asia Studies, and subsequently the founder-Director of the Peace Studies Programme at the South Asia Forum for Human Rights, Kathmandu. Known for his critical studies on contemporary issues of justice, human rights, and popular democracy in the context of post-colonial nationalism, trans-border migration, community history, and technological restructuring in South Asia, he has served on various commissions and study groups on issues such as partitions, critical dictionary on globalisation, patterns of forced displacement and the institutional practices of refugee care and protection in India, rights of the minorities and forms of autonomy, technological modernization, and occupational health and safety. His recently published study of dialogues as part of war and peace politics, titled The Politics of Dialogue (Ashgate, 2004) is a product of his four-year research on war and peace in South Asia. Before that he had completed a three-volume study of Indian nationalism, the final one titled as, A Biography of the Indian Nation, 1947-1997 (2001). Besides being the editor of three well-known volumes on issues of identity and rights in contemporary politics, Refugees and the State (2003), Space, Territory, and the State (2002), and Reflections on Partition in the East (1997), he is also the editor-in-chief of the South Asian Peace Studies Series. He is currently working on themes related to the materiality of politics.

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