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Nov 132012

Emanuela OrlandoDr Emanuela Orlando is Isaac Newton – Dorothy Emmet Research Fellow at Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge, where she also teaches European Union law, and EU Environmental and Sustainable Development law. Emanuela holds a PhD in Law from the European University Institute, a Magister Juris in European and Comparative Law from the University of Oxford and a Law Degree (with highest honours) from the University of Siena.

Her main field of expertise is EU and international environmental law. While her PhD examines the question of environmental liability, Emanuela’s most recent research activities also include the EU regulation in the field of climate change and renewable energy, environmental governance and an interdisciplinary project on the prevention of environmental crimes.

Emanuela is a qualified lawyer. Prior to joining the Cambridge academic community, she practiced law in major international law firms in Rome and worked as legal adviser for the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea in the framework of international cooperation with the Republic of Montenegro. She also extensively collaborated with the University of Siena where she has been engaged in various research, teaching and consultancy related activities in the field of EU and International environmental law.

Most recent publications:

“Environmental Governance in Italy”, in Environmental Protection in Multi-layered Systems – Comparative Lessons from the Water Sector, M. Alberton & F. Palermo eds. (Martinus Nijhoff Publisher, forthcoming October 2012).

“Il Quadro normativo Italiano in Materia di Energie Rinnovabili”, in Le Politiche in Materia di Energie Rinnovabili nella Prospettiva dello Sviluppo Sostenibile: dal Livello Sovranazionale al Livello Locale (CEDAM, anticipated publication date: 2013).

(with M. Montini) “Balancing Climate Change Mitigation and Environmental Protection Interests in the EU Directive on Carbon Capture and Storage”, in Climate Law (3:2), September 2012, pp. 165-180.

“Achieving Social Environmental Justice: Human Rights, Sustainable Development and Possible Way Forwards”, in Towards Social Environmental Justice?, EUI Working Papers Series, January 2012/2.

(with O. Kujundzic) “DNAs experiences in the Western Balkans: the Republic of Montenegro”,  in M. Montini (ed.) Developing CDM Projects in the Western Balkans (Springer, 2010).

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