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Nov 072012

Christine BakkerChristine Bakker (PhD, European University Institute) is a Research Fellow at the Academy of European Law.  Together with Prof. Francesco Francioni, she has coordinated the FP7 project PRIV-WAR (2008-2011). She has published in the fields of international criminal law and human rights including children’s rights, and has carried out research for the Unicef Innocenti Research Centre in Florence in the context of a project on Children and Transitional Justice. She has previously worked at the European Commission (DG Development).

Her publications include:

C. Bakker and M. Sossai (eds), Multilevel Regulation of Military and Security Contractors: The Interplay between International, European and Domestic Norms (February 2012, Hart Publishing)

“The Role of EU External Action in Ensuring Compliance with Human Rights and Humanitarian Law by Private Contractors”, with M. Sossai,  in C. Bakker and M. Sossai (eds), Multilevel Regulation of Military and Security Contractors (see above)

“Private Military and Security Companies: The potential Impact on Children’s Rights”, with Susanna Greijer,  in F. Francioni and N. Ronzitti  (eds), War by Contract: Human Rights, Humanitarian Law and Private Contractors (Oxford University Press, January 2011)

“Duties to prevent, Investigate and Redress Human Rights Violations by Private Military and Security Companies: the Role of the Host State”,  in F. Francioni and N. Ronzitti, War by Contract see above)

 Prosecuting International Crimes against Children: the International Legal Framework, UNICEF-Working Paper Series on Children and Transitional Justice (June, 2010)

“Universal Jurisdiction over Genocide in Tibet: Can it Work? The Tibet Case before the Spanish Audiencia Nacional”, Journal of International Criminal Justice, Vol. 4 (2006) No. 3

“A Full Stop to Amnesty in Argentina: The Simon Case, in Journal of International Criminal Justice, Vol.3 (2005) No.5.


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