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Nov 072012

Kati KulovskiDr Kati Kulovesi is Adjunct Professor (Docent) in climate law at the University of Eastern Finland. Her research interest include climate law, international and European environmental law, international economic law and international legal theory. She holds Ph.D and LL.M degrees from the London School of Economics and Political Science where she has also taught European and international environmental law to LL.M Students. She also holds an LL.M from the University of Helsinki where she has worked at the Erik Castrén Institute of International Law and Human Rights. In addition to her academic work, she has worked as a practicing lawyer and consulted a number of governments, international organizations, carbon funds and other institutions on climate law and policy.

Recent key publications:

Kati Kulovesi, WTO Dispute Settlement System: Challenges of the Environment, Legitimacy and Fragmentation (Kluwer Law International, 2011).

Erkki J. Hollo, Kati Kulovesi & Michael Mehling (eds.), Climate Change and the Law (Springer, 2012), forthcoming. Author of: Ch. 3 “Exploring the Landscape of Climate Law and Scholarship: Two Emerging Trends”, Ch. 9 “The New Framework for Climate Finance under the UNFCCC: A Breakthrough or Empty Promise?” (co-auhored with Yulia Yamineva), Ch. 16 “Climate Change and Trade: At the Intersection of Two International Legal Regimes” and Ch. 20 “Climate Law and Policy in the European Union: Accidental Success or Deliberate Leadership?” (co-authored with Michael Mehling and Javier de Cendra de Larragán)

“Addressing Sectoral Emissions outside the UNFCCC: What Roles for Multilateralism, Minilateralism and Unilateralism”, Review of European Community and International Environmental Law (2012), forthcoming.

“Climate Change in the EU External Relations: Please Follow My Example (Or I Might Force You to)” in E. Morgera (ed.), The External Environmental Policy of the European Union: EU and International Law Perspectives (Cambridge University Press, 2012), 115-148.

“A New Chapter in the UN Climate Change Negotiations? First Steps under the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action,” Climate Law 3 (2012), 181-189.

“Make Your Own Special Song, Even If Nobody Else Sings Along: International Aviation Emissions and the EU Emissions Trading Scheme”, Journal of Climate Law 2 (2011), 535-558.

“Environmental Integration and Multifaceted International Dimensions of EU Law: Unpacking the EU’s 2009 Climate and Energy Package,” Common Market Law Review 48 (2011), 829-891 (co-auhthored with Elisa Morgera & Miquel Muñoz)

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