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Nov 072012

Massimiliano MontiniMassimiliano Montini is Associate Professor of European Union Law at the University of Siena (Italy). He has a considerable teaching and research experience especially in the field of International and EU Environmental Law.

Massimiliano Montini is Director and Founder of the Environmental Legal Team, an University-based research and consultancy group located within the University of Siena. In his capacity of Director, he is responsible for the coordination of the legal assistance provided by ELT to the Italian Environmental Ministry for its activities performed in particular in the Balkan countries (Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia). The activity conducted by the ELT relates both to the harmonization of their national policy and law with the EU standards in the environmental, climate change and energy fields. In addition, he coordinates the trainings activities provided by ELT to both public and private entities in the area of energy and the environment.

From 2009 to 2012, he has served as Director of the Department of Economic Law at the University of Siena. Furthermore, he is among the founders and currently the Director of the Interdepartmental Centre REPROS on Regulation, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development, established in 2007. He is also the only Italian member and a Member of the Steering Committee of the of the Avosetta Group, an association of distinguished European environmental lawyers that advices European Union’s and Member States’ institutions in the development of environmental policy and legislation. Moreover, he is a fully qualified lawyer, Member of the Italian Bar, and provides consultancy in particular on environmental matters. His main field of academic interest include topics such as climate change, trade and the environment, environmental governance.

Selected publications

Balancing climate change mitigation and environmental protection interests in the EU Directive on carbon capture and storage (with E. Orlando), in Climate Law, Vol. 3, 2012, p. 165–180.

Reshaping the Climate Governance for Post-2012 , in European Journal of Legal Studies, Vol. 4:1, 2011.

EC External Relations on Environmental Law, in J. Scott (ed.), Environmental Protection – European Law and Governance, OUP, Oxford, 2009.

Sustainable Development within the Climate Change Regime, in H.C. Bugge & C. Voigt, Sustainable Development in International and National Law, Europa Law Publishing, 2008.

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