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Oct 032012

Transatlantic Relations and the future of Global Governance

The United States and Europe: Quo Vadis?
Transworld Op-Ed

Stephen Walt
Ever since the end of the Cold War, politicians and commentators on both sides of the Atlantic have worried that the United States and its European allies might eventually drift apart. Such concerns help explain why NATO chose to expand eastwards in the 1990s, and why [...]Read more
September 2012 Issue 1

Multipolarity and transatlantic relations
, by J.Peterson, N.Tocci, R.Alcaro
A theoretical framework is needed to make sense of a new international order and the place of the transatlantic alliance in it. We focus on three variables: 1)
rising multipolarity; 2) the future of multilateralism, and 3) the scope for
transatlantic leadership. The authors argue that systemic theories of
international relations are likely to fail … Read more

Determinants and features of international alliances and structural partnerships
, by T.Risse
The end of the Cold War resulted not only in the collapse of the communist
regimes in Europe but also in fluctuating transatlantic relations once NATO’s
foe was gone. Today, with the US struggling with a reeling economy and the EU
mired in the Eurozone crisis, the number of possible trajectories of the
transatlantic partnership … Read more
The evolution of the transatlantic partnership, by M.G.Cowles and M.Egan
Despite recent perceptions that the end of the Cold War deprived the
transatlantic partnership of its central rationale, successive American
administrations have faced the challenge of reassuring European leaders that
they share common interests in the international arena. Europeans have
alternated between full embrace of US views, voicing limited disagreement on
certain issues, and occasional  … Read more

Three scenarios for the future of the transatlantic relationship
, by N.Tocci and R.Alcaro
In a world of growing interconnectedness and shifting power balances, the
transatlantic relationship has lost its bearings. Old transatlantic paradigms
have run their course, and yet no credible alternative has emerged. To this end,
three steps are necessary: first, identify the changes, at both systemic and
actor level, that have contributed to transforming transatlantic relations;… Read more

Transworld has started!

Transworld was publicly launched on April 20th during a conference in Rome. In a
world in flux, characterized by the emergence of new powers and the overall
fragmentation of the international system, the traditional leadership role of
the European Union and the United States in global governance is being
increasingly disputed. The future of the … Read more

WP 1 first workshop

TRANSWORLD’s work package on developing a ‘Conceptual Framework for the
Redefinition of the Transatlantic Relationship’  held its first workshop at
the University of Edinburgh on 10-11th September 2012. Hosted by the
University’s Europa Institute, it brought together 15 colleagues from 5 of
TRANSWORLD’s institutional partners and other Universities to debate and discuss
5 papers that will be published as deliverables at the end of September… Read more

Transatlantic Library online

Transatlantic Library, the online transatlantic database, is now available on
Transworld’s website. The Transatlantic Library is a user-friendly database
collecting hundreds of texts on the various dimensions of the transatlantic
relationship, providing an invaluable instrument for researchers willing to
deepen their knowledge on the history and the most important features of
relations between the United States and Europe .. .Read more
9th & 10th
November 2012

Florence: Work Package IV & V first workshop
25th & 26th April 2013
London: Plenary Conference

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