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Jun 202012

Dr.Arzu Kibris is a visiting assistant professor at Duke University, Political Science Department in 2011-2012 and an assistant professor at Sabanci University from Fall 2012 onwards. She received her PhD in Political Science at Sabanci University in 2010. She holds an MA in Economics from the University of Rochester and a BS in Management from Bilkent University. Her research focuses on political conflict, linkage politics, and quantitative methods.


  • Arzu Kıbrıs, Uncertainty and ratification failure’. Public Choice, 150 (3-4), 2012, pp. 439-467.
  • Arzu Kıbrıs, ‘Funerals and elections: the effects of terrorism on voting behavior in Turkey’. Journal of Conflict Resolution, 55 (2), 2011, pp. 220-247
  • Arzu Kıbrıs and Meltem Müftüler-Baç ‘The accession games: a comparison of three limited-information negotiation designs’, International Studies Perspectives, vol.12, no.4, November 2011, pp.405-433.
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