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Apr 262012

The Centre for European Social Research (MZES) is an interdisciplinary research institute at the University of Mannheim, Germany. It has dedicated itself to the investigation of political and societal developments in Europe. The research at MZES is organized within two research departments. The research in Department A “European societies and their integration” concentrates on the cultural, social, economic and welfare state foundations for the living conditions of the populations in the European countries, as well as on changes in these foundations and the variations among the different societies. Department B “European political systems and their integration” links comparative research on the national political systems of Europe with research on European integration. The foci in the first of these two topic areas are political participation, voter behaviour, political parties and electoral systems. The second topic area examines the political system of the EU and the international embeddedness of European institutions, the institutionalisation of international negotiation systems, and the development of a broader European regional system in Eastern Europe. In its research the MZES concentrates on: long-term fundamental research of an interdisciplinary and international nature, cooperation with similar institutions in Germany and abroad, the regular convening of international conferences and workshops, education of young scholars.

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