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Apr 262012

Dr. Tomáš Weiss, researches and lectures on European Union’s foreign affairs and security policy. He has published on various aspects of European security policy and transatlantic relations. Recently, he co-authored a book on Central European Atlanticism (Views on American Foreign Policy, 2008).



  • Weiss, Tomáš, 2011, The Blurring Border Between Police and Military: A Debate without Foundations. Cooperation and Conflict 46(3):396-405.
  • Weiss, Tomáš, 2011, The Unclear Border between Internal and External Security in the European Union: Impact of the Lisbon Treaty. Politologický časopis 18(3):215-229.
  • Weiss, Tomáš – Mikhelidze, Nona – Šlosarčík, Ivo, 2011, Multilateralism as Envisaged? Assessing European Union’s Engagementin Conflict Resolution in the Neighbourhood. MERCURY E-paper no. 14, available at http://www.mercury-fp7.net/fileadmin/user_upload/E_paper_no_14_2011.pdf.
  • Weiss, Tomáš – Řiháčková, Věra, 2010, Promoting Multilateralism? Conceptualizing Multilateralism in the Czech Foreign Policy. Perspectives: Review of International Affairs 18(1):5-21.
  • Král, David – Řiháčková, Věra – Weiss, Tomáš, 2008, Views on American Foreign Policy. The Atlanticism of Political Parties in Central and Eastern Europe. Prague: EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy
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