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Apr 262012

Charles University in Prague, established in 1348, is one of the oldest universities in the world and belongs to the most eminent educational and scientific establishments in the Czech Republic. The Faculty of Social Sciences, its second youngest faculty, has earned recognition for its interdisciplinary programmes. The Department of West European Studies is responsible for two well-established Master programmes in European Studies and in West European Studies (both in Czech). Recently, it opened a new English language Master programme in European Studies. The Department has received two times the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence award – on the first occasion as the first institute in Central and Eastern Europe in 1999. It has been involved in a number of international projects focused on European integration, such as EU-CONSENT and EU-CONNEX within the 6th Framework programme, MERCURY within the 7th Framework Programme, EULEIT, or IGC Net. In TRANSWORLD, Charles University in Prague contributes to WP 3 ‘Trends in international security and EU-US adjustment policies’, WP 4 ‘Trends in climate change and EU-US mitigation and adjustment policies’, and WP 6 ‘EU and US role in global and regional governance architectures’.

Persons involved in the project:

Main tasks in Transworld:

  • Partner in WP3, WP4, WP6, and WP11
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