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Apr 262012

Francesco FrancioniFrancesco Francioni (Dr Juris Florence and LL.M Harvard) is Emeritus Professor of the European University Institute and Co-Director of the Academy of European Law. From 2003 till 2012, he was Professor of International Law and Human Rights at the EUI, and Coordinator and Scientific Director of the FP7 PRIV-WAR project (2008-2011). Previously, he was Professore Ordinario; Director of the International Peace Studies Center and Jean Monnet Chair in European Law at the University of Siena (1999-2003). He has been a Visiting Professor at various universities, including Paris II, Oxford, Cornell and the University of Texas. He has participated in many negotiations on behalf of Italy, including at the Antarctic Treaty diplomatic conferences, cultural heritage and environmental law. He has a legal consultant for UNESCO and has served as Chairman of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in 1997-1998. He is a member (associate) of the Institut de droit international, of the American Law Institute, of the Editorial Board of the European Journal of International Law (EJIL) and General Editor of the Italian Yearbook of International Law.

His publications relevant to the project include: Access to Justice as a Human Right, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2007; Biotechnologies and International Human Rights, Author and Editor, Oxford, 2007; International Environmental Law for Antarctica (editor), Milan, 1992; International Human Rights in an Environmental Horizon, 21 “European J. Int. L.” (2010), 41-57.

Among his other recent publications are War by Contract: Human Rights, Humanitarian Law and Private Contractors, F. Francioni and N. Ronzitti (eds), Oxford University Press, 2011; Human Rights in International Investment Law and Arbitration, P.-M.Dupuy, F. Francioni and U. Petersmann (eds), Oxford University Press, 2009; and  Enforcing International Cultural Heritage Law (Francioni and Gordley), Oxford University Press (forthcoming 2013).




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