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Apr 262012

Paola Subacchi is Research Director of the International Economics Research area at Chatham House. An economic historian by training, her main research interest is in the functioning and governance of the international financial and monetary system, with a particular focus on post-crisis policy and institutional change. She is a contributor to peer-reviewed journals and a regular media commentator on issues of macro-economic importance.


Her recent publications  include:

  • Paola Subacchi, Shifting Capital: The Rise of Financial Centres in Greater China, May 2012;
  • Paola Subacchi, Broken Forever? Addressing Europe’s Multiple Crises, March 2012 (co-authored with Stephen Pickford),
  • Paola Subacchi, The Euro on the Brink: ‘Multiple’ Crises and Complex Solutions, March 2012;
  • Paola Subacchi, Gold and the International Monetary System, February 2012 (Task Force member)
  • Paola Subacchi, Legitimacy vs Effectiveness: A Dynamic Approach to Global Governance, Sept 2011;
  • Paola Subacchi, Preventing Crises and Promoting Economic Growth, April 2011 (co-authored with Paul Jenkins).
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