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Oct 142014

Transatlantic Relations and the future of Global Governance

Article 5 under stress?

Transworld Op-Ed

Anne-Marie Le Gloannec
When Russia’s creeping invasion and swift annexation of Crimea was followed by a Russian-propelled ‘hybrid’ war in eastern Ukraine, some in the Atlantic community thought that the Kremlin’s actions would reinvigorate NATO by refocusing it on the mutual defence commitment enshrined in article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty. A few months into the Ukraine crisis, however, uncertainty surrounds the future of the Alliance:   [...] Read more
October 2014 Issue 8

Redefining the Transatlantic Security Relationship
, by Anne-Marie Le Gloannec and Manuel Muniz
The transatlantic security relationship is built on strong and enduring shared values. Americans and Europeans share, on the whole, similar perceptions about the nature of power, the norms that should guide relations among states, as well as a desire to promote democracy and basic human rights.   …
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The Future of the Transatlantic Economic Relationship: Opportunities and Challenges towards the TTIP
, by Davide Tentori and Myriam Zandonini
The evolution of the transatlantic economic relationship has to be considered within the framework of a changing global environment. The bilateral partnership between the United States and the European Union is still dominant both in terms of trade and investment, although it is becoming less relevant in terms of  …
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So close, but yet so far: European and American democracy promotion
, by Nelli Babayan and Thomas Risse
What is the direction of EU and US democracy promotion and can we talk about a transatlantic democracy promotion? This paper addresses these questions from the perspective of transatlantic security communities and argues that joint transatlantic democracy promotion is still embryonic.  …
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Handing Over Leadership: Transatlantic Environmental Governance as a Functional Relationship
, by Eugenio Cusumano
Global environmental governance has experienced a remarkable evolution over the last two decades, seeing the United States handing over its leadership role to the European Union. This paper analyses the transformation of transatlantic environmental governance through the lens of three scenarios, namely …
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Transatlantic Collective Identity in a Nutshell Debating Security Policy at the Munich Security Conference (2002-2014)
, by Tobias Bunde
Social constructivists have always thought of NATO as the institutionalization of the transatlantic security community, based on a collective identity of a community of liberal democracies. Unfortunately, most researchers have just postulated this collective identity without studying   …
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12 June 2014, Rome
Conference on “The paradox of American primacy: explaining foreign policy failures since the end of the Cold War“, with Stephen Walt, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. More

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