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Sep 042014

Transatlantic Relations and the future of Global Governance

Tectonic Rifts and a Transatlantic Bridge:
Insights from the Transworld Elite Survey

Transworld Op-Ed

Linda Basile and Pierangelo Isernia
A solid transatlantic partnership endures against a turbulent international environment, as revealed in the Transatlantic elite survey, carried out between November 2013 and January 2014 by the EU-funded TRANWORLD project. Data shows that large majorities in both the EU and US support further economic integration between both sides of the Atlantic, a strong commitment to [...] Read more
August 2014 Issue 7

To Agree or Disagree? Elite Opinion and Future Prospects of the Transatlantic Partnership
, by Pierangelo Isernia and Linda Basile
The Transworld Elites Survey explores how American and European elites perceive transatlantic relations and the policies that should be pursued to address the main global challenges across four policy domains, namely: international security, global economy, global environment and climate change, as well as  …
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How Do the Others See Us? An Analysis of Public Opinion Perceptions of the EU and USA in Third Countries
, by Stefano Braghiroli and Luca Salini
The European Union and the United States are global actors involved in intense relations with third countries and the outside world, which pertain economic, political, diplomatic, and security-related aspects. The US has been facing in recent years a growing number of challenges from non-Western rising powers …
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The Meaning of Economy: US and EU Attitudes Towards Economy in Time of Crisis
, by Danilo Di Mauro
This paper focuses on American and European attitudes towards the economy before and during the financial and economic crisis. The analysis concerns six main topics: the importance of the economy, perceptions of the economic situation, support for free-market, attitudes towards globalization, and  …
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Attitudes Towards Environmental Issues: Empirical Evidence in Europe and the United States
by Darina Peycheva, Jana Pötzschke, Theron Delano Hall and Hans RattingerThis paper compares mass and elite perceptions of environmental issues in the
United States, the European Union, and Turkey. It covers four topics related to
the importance of the issue area, general attitudes, the role of individuals and
in istitutions as well as policy instruments aiming to manage  …Read more

Attitudes Towards Human Rights and Democracy: Empirical Evidence in Europe and the United States
, by Kristina Puzarina, Jana Pötzschke and Hans Rattinger
This paper provides a comparative analysis of mass and elite orientations towards human rights and democracy promotion in the United States, the European Union, and Turkey. In particular, it focuses on importance, general attitudes, relevant actors as well as policies and   …
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International Security Across the Atlantic: A Longitudinal Comparison of Public Opinion in Europe and the United States
, by Philip Everts, Pierangelo Isernia and Francesco Olmastroni
The paper compares the attitudes and preferences of American and European public opinion along four major dimensions of international security: threat perceptions, sense of community, support for Atlantic partnership and institutions, and orientation toward the use of military force. After a …
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10 July 2014, Brussels
TRANSWORLD briefing to members of the European External Action Service and of Commission services. More
9-10 June 2014, Istanbul
WP6 Workshop on Transatlantic Relations and Global Governance. More
11 April 2014, Rome
Annual Steering Committee meeting. More

Transworld is a project led by the Istituto Affari Internazionali
and funded from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme
Contacts:Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) Rome, Italy, iai(at)iai.it

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