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Apr 262012

John Peterson is Professor of International Politics. He joined the University of Edinburgh in 2005 after holding posts at the Universities of Glasgow, York, Essex, Oxford and California. He has published widely on US-European relations, EU politics and policy, US foreign policy and EU trade policy. John was recently (2009) appointed to the UK Academy of Social Sciences. His work has always aspired to policy-relevance, as evidenced by his success (1994 and 2005) in winning contracts under competitive tender to produce studies for the Commission on transatlantic relations. He is a former Jean Monnet Chair (University of Glasgow) and former co-editor of the Journal of Common Market Studies.

John’s recent works include Institutions of the European Union (co-edited with Michael Shackleton, 2012), The European Union: How Does it Work? (co-edited with Elizabeth Bomberg and Richard Corbett, 2012) and Parochial Global Europe: the Politics of EU Trade Policy (co-authored with Alasdair Young, 2013, forthcoming) and The European Commission of the 21st Century: Views From the Inside (co-authored with Hussein Kassim and others, 2013, forthcoming), all published by Oxford University Press.

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