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Jan 282014

Transatlantic Relations and the future of Global Governance

Betting against the odds:
a call for a renewed US-EU strategic consensus

Transworld Op-Ed

Stefano Silvestri
For both the United States and Europe, the foreign policy scenario is in disarray. By the end of this year NATO should withdraw the bulk of its fighting forces from Afghanistan without any certainty of the outcome. The intervention in Libya has ousted a regime without replacing it with one capable of controlling   [...]Read more
January 2014 Issue 6

EU Adjustment to New and Evolving Trends of
International Security
, by Tomáš Weiss
This paper analyzes the European Union’s adjustment to the current international
security environment. It focuses on the selected issues of terrorism,
proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, cyber-security, and failed states.
Moreover, it addresses the EU’s engagement of emerging powers, as well as   …Read more

US Adjustments to Global Power Shifts and Diffusion: An Analysis of Selected Security Issues
, by Shoon Murray
How is the United States adjusting to rising powers and power diffusion in the international arena?
This working paper investigates post-Cold War adjustments in US policy and discourse on selected transnational issues (terrorism, nuclear proliferation, cyber-security, and weak states), new forms of intervention …Read more
January – 1 February


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