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Jun 202013

Transatlantic Relations and the future of Global Governance

Transatlantic relations in the democracy and human rights domain: a curious parting of ways?

Transworld Op-Ed

Nathalie Tocci
Taken at face value, democracy and human rights ought to represent the lynchpin of transatlantic resilience. Europe and North America have always been bound by a complex set of economic and security interests. But while the convergence of material interests has physiologically ebbed and flowed in response to developments within and beyond the proverbial West,  [...]
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June 2013 Issue 5

Responsibility to Protect, Humanitarian Intervention and Human Rights: Lessons from Libya to Mali
, by Francesco Francioni and Christine Bakker
Faced with humanitarian crises such as those occurring in Syria and Mali today,  and in Libya in 2011, the response of the international community has not been consistent and raises many questions, both as to its adequacy, and to its legal foundation. The failure of the international community to adequately respond to  …
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Transatlantic Tensions on Data Privacy
, by Lee A. Bygrav
The paper analyses similarities and differences between US and European  regulatory policy in the field of data privacy. It shows that US regulation in  the field is not uniformly weaker than European regulation. It also argues that  while European policy preferences in the field have been …
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“Shocking” Adjustments? EU Human Rights and Democracy Promotion
, by Nelli Babayan and Alessandra Viviani
This paper reviews the EU’s conceptualizations of human rights and democracy  promotion and its relevant policies to trace adjustments and their possible  patterns. Concentrating on policy developments after the 2004 enlargement, scheduled policy reviews, the establishment of new policies  …
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Home-made Adjustments? US Human Rights and Democracy Promotion
, by Nelli Babayan
This paper analyses US approach to human rights and democracy promotion to track  the adjustments it has undergone in the last decade. In addition, by focusing on  such landmark events as the 9/11 terrorist attacks, changes in the presidency and the Arab Spring, the paper aims to reveal  …
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