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Mar 282013

Transatlantic Relations and the future of Global Governance

Promises and Pitfalls
Transworld Op-Ed

Michelle Egan
The long-heralded effort for a US-EU free trade agreement (FTA), furthering trade and investment ties between the world’s two major economic partners, made a major step forward with President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech. [...]
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March 2013 Issue 3
Trends and Leadership Challenges in the Evolution of the Global Economic System, by Davide Tentori and Myriam Zandonini
The United States’ and European Union’s economic dominance is today relative rather than absolute. The economic crisis has contributed to accelerating the rebalancing of the distribution of global economic power  …
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Globalization, the New Geography of Power, and EU Policy Response
, by Andrea Renda
The globalization of the economy of the past two decades has created more challenges than opportunities for the EU. Already at the beginning of this century, the EU started feeling a heavy pressure from emerging economies, which led to a reshuffling of global GDP shares, the polarization of EU job markets and a gradual loss of competitiveness in several industry sectors. …
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Counterproductive Adjustment? The United States after the Great Recession
, by Kati Suominen
The United States responded to the Great Recession with an arsenal of fiscal and
monetary expansions and export promotion policies to stimulate growth, but only
for temporary respite. US policies have been reactive and risked counterproductive effects. Four years after the collapse of the investment bank
Lehman Brothers, economic growth is flailing, unemployment continues  …
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Work Package 2 held its 1st workshop

The Transworld consortium’s Work Package 2 met for a half-day workshop at Chatham House – The Royal Institute of International Affairs, London, on 7 January 2013. The workshop was intended to give participants the opportunity to present their papers and discuss them with the other members of the Work Package and with a small group …
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International conference on a deeper and wider Atlantic in Rome, 5.2.2013

Prospects for establishing an EU-US free trade area, as well as its implications for the West’s relations with South Atlantic players from Latin America and Africa, were discussed at an international conference organized by IAI in cooperation with Italy’s Foreign Ministry.
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25-26 April 2013
London Plenary Conference

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