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Jan 172013

Transatlantic Relations and the future of Global Governance

Vox populi, vox Dei:
Europe’s Obamania relies on substance, not fiction
Transworld Op-Ed

Riccardo Alcaro
Europe’s Obamania has been widely ridiculed by pundits on both sides of the Atlantic. Yet, while Europeans have a less informed knowledge of US politics and foreign policy,
their massive leaning towards Obama owes more to substantive reasons than pundits are ready to admit.  [...]
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January 2013 Issue 2
The Evolution of the Global Environmental System: Trends and Prospects, by Francesco Francioni and Christine Bakker
The system of international environmental governance has undergone a significant development in the past half of a century. Progress has been achieved especially at the normative level, with the adoption of treaties and instruments of soft law, and a general recognition that the environment is a concern of humankind as a whole. To this body of  …
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Human Rights: The New Agenda
, by Thomas Risse and Tanja A. Börzel
The emergence of a new model of criminal accountability and of the Responsibility to Protect norm has signaled the change within human rights policies. In addition to new actors within human rights – private actors such as rebel groups and firms – the scholarship on human rights has evolved to include
quantitative studies besides previously …
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Motioned, Debated, Agreed? Human Rights and Democracy Promotion in International Affairs
, by
Nelli Babayan and Daniela Huber
Moving from insignificance to the top of global politics, democracy and human rights promotion has been expected to build on the waves of democratization and ensure rapid development and better protection of human rights. However, while some cases of human rights and democracy promotion have been marked with success – EU enlargement policy to …
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European Integration and Transatlantic Relations
, by Meltem Müftüler-Baç and Damla Cihangir
What role does the European integration process play in shaping transatlantic relations, if any? The question brings forth the related issue of whether the EU is able to exercise leadership in fostering changes in the international system and through its relationship with the US. The paper provides a literature review on the EU as a foreign policy …
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1st Workshop on WP4 (Environment) and WP 5 (Human Rights and Democracy)

On 9 and 10 November 2012, the first Workshop on WP 4 (Environment) and WP 5 (Democracy and Human Rights) was held at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, by the Transworld teams from the EUI and the Freie Universität Berlin (FBU). The Workshop provided an opportunity for contributors to the above mentioned Work Packages to have a …
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Work Package 3 held its 1st workshop

TRANSWORLD’s work package on ‘Trends in international security and EU-US adjustment policies’ held its first workshop at Sciences Po, Paris, on 29-30 November 2012. The event was organized by the CERI’s team. The purpose of the workshop was to discuss the work done so far, particularly the paper on
“Changing Trends in Transatlantic Security”, …
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26-28 February 2013
Work Package VII workshop
March 2013

Work Package VII-VIII Transworld Questionnaire Drafting Meeting
25-26 April

Plenary Conference

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