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Apr 262012

Nathalie Tocci

Nathalie Tocci is Deputy Director of the Istituto Affari Internazionali, head of the Institute’s department The EU and the Neighbourhood and Editor of The International Spectator. She received her PhD in International Relations at the LSE in 2003. She was Research Fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), Brussels (1999-2003), Jean Monnet and Marie Curie Fellow at the European University Institute, Florence (2003-2007), Associate Fellow at CEPS (2007-2009), and Senior Fellow at the Transatlantic Academy in Washington (2009-2010). Her research interests include European foreign policy, conflict resolution, the European neighbourhood, with a particular focus on Turkey, Cyprus, the Mediterranean and the Middle East and the South Caucasus. Dr Tocci is the winner of the 2008 Anna Lindh award for the study of European foreign policy.

Her recent publications include:

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