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Jul 312014

Transworld Paper No. 37

by Nelli Babayan and Thomas Risse

What is the direction of EU and US democracy promotion and can we talk about a transatlantic democracy promotion? This paper addresses these questions from the perspective of transatlantic security communities and argues that joint transatlantic democracy promotion is still embryonic. However, at the same time there are clear indications of converging identities and interests with regard to strategies and instruments of democracy promotion, which could result in meaningful transatlantic partnership in challenging situations.



Jul 102014

What do Americans and Europeans think about the role their countries should play in the world, and what about transatlantic relations? A number of Transworld studies analyze the evolution of US and European public opinion in the last two decades. The studies not only focus on different policy domains – economy, security, environment and climate change, human rights and democracy, external views of transatlantic relations, but also include a unique comparison of mass and elite opinion.


To Agree or Disagree? Elite Opinion and Future Prospects of the Transatlantic Partnership, by Pierangelo Isernia and Linda Basile (27 June 2014, 54 p.)


How Do the Others See Us? An Analysis of Public Opinion Perceptions of the EU and USA in Third Countries, by Stefano Braghiroli and Luca Salini (27 June 2014, 18 p. + Annex, 165 p.)


The Meaning of Economy: US and EU Attitudes Towards Economy in Time of Crisis, by Danilo Di Mauro (27 June 2014, 19 p. + Annex, 41 p. .)


Attitudes Towards Environmental Issues: Empirical Evidence in Europe and the United States, by Darina Peycheva, Jana Pötzschke, Theron Delano Hall and Hans Rattinger (18 June 2014, 12 p. + Annex, 43 p.)


Attitudes Towards Human Rights and Democracy: Empirical Evidence in Europe and the United States, by Kristina Puzarina, Jana Pötzschke and Hans Rattinger (18 June 2014, 12 p. + Annex, 24 p.)

No. 29:

International Security Across the Atlantic: A Longitudinal Comparison of Public Opinion in Europe and the United States, by Philip Everts, Pierangelo Isernia and Francesco Olmastroni (31 May 2014, 26 p. + Annex, 35 p.)

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Jul 032014

On 1 July 2014, the FP7 TRANSWORLD project debriefed members of the European External Action Service and of Commission services working on transatlantic relations about the results of the TRANSWORLD Elites Survey.

This survey explores how American and European elites perceive transatlantic relations and the policies that should be pursued to address the main global challenges across four policy domains (international security, global economy, global environment and climate change, as well as human rights and democracy promotion).

The presentation stirred an engaged discussion about the implications of these findings for the future of transatlantic relations.

The presentation was delivered by Prof. Pierangelo Isernia (University of Siena).

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