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Sep 122012

TRANSWORLD’s work package on developing a ‘Conceptual Framework for the Redefinition of the Transatlantic Relationship’ held its first workshop at the University of Edinburgh on 10-11th September 2012.

Hosted by the University’s Europa Institute, it brought together 15 colleagues from 5 of TRANSWORLD’s institutional partners and other Universities to debate and discuss 5 papers that will be published as deliverables shortly. The workshop sought to agree on the broad outlines of a theoretical framework to be deployed and tested throughout the lifespan on TRANSWORLD.

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Sep 062012

Caroline Laffey is European grants administrator in the Europa Institute and Edinburgh’s administrative officer for the TRANSWORLD and ‘Scotland UK’ Europe projects. She has previous experience of working in development within the UK and overseas. Caroline commenced work with the University in March 2007.

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Sep 032012

Transatlantic Library, the online transatlantic database, is now available on Transworld’s website. The Transatlantic Library is a user-friendly database collecting hundreds of texts on the various dimensions of the transatlantic relationship, providing an invaluable instrument for researchers willing to deepen their knowledge on the history and the most important features of relations between the United States and Europe.

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