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May 282012

TRANSWORLD will disseminate its results through:

  • Working Paper Series. Transworld Working Papers are in-depth analyses of the various dimensions in which today’s transatlantic relations unfold.
  • Op-Ed Series. Short commentaries on issues of  transatlantic relevance, potentially authored by experts not part of Transworld research team.
  • Newsletters. Periodial updates of Transworld activities, including release of working papers and op-eds as well as workshop reports.

In addition to the above, the dissemination efforts of  Transworld’s research results will also include:

  • Academic articles. The highest quality Transworld research results would be submitted as articles to peer-reviewed international journals.
  • Monograph and collective volume/s. The final step in the project’s dissemination effort would be the authoring of one monograph distilling the principal research findings of the project, as well as one or more edited volumes collecting a selection of Transworld Working Papers, duly updated and revised.

» Transworld editorial guidelines

 Posted by on May 28, 2012