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Elites and public opinion

Transatlantic elites and public opinion
Through the analysis of an elites survey in select EU member states, EU institutions, and the US, this group first ascertains the current adjustment policies that both US and the EU are pursuing in the context of identified global challenges in the economic, security, environment and human rights/democracy domain, and then identify the main cleavages both within the EU and between the US and the EU preferred responses to meet global challenges. It feeds into the work of the other thematic groups.

Jun 182014

Transworld Paper No. 31 by Darina Peycheva, Jana Pötzschke, Theron Delano Hall and Hans Rattinger This paper compares mass and elite perceptions of environmental issues in the United States, the European Union, and Turkey. It covers four topics related to the importance of the issue area, general attitudes, the role of individuals and in istitutions [...]

Jun 112014

Transworld Paper No. 30 by Kristina Puzarina, Jana Pötzschke and Hans Rattinger This paper provides a comparative analysis of mass and elite orientations towards human rights and democracy promotion in the United States, the European Union, and Turkey. In particular, it focuses on importance, general attitudes, relevant actors as well as policies and instruments within [...]

Jun 052014

Transworld Paper No. 29 by Philip Everts, Pierangelo Isernia and Francesco Olmastroni The paper compares the attitudes and preferences of American and European public opinion along four major dimensions of international security: threat perceptions, sense of community, support for Atlantic partnership and institutions, and orientation toward the use of military force. After a retrospective overview of [...]