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Human rights and democracy

Transatlantic relations, human rights and democracy
This group focuses on long-term trends in the global human rights and democracy and on policy adjustments made by the US and the EU. The aim is to assess whether in the field of human rights and democracy the transatlantic relationship is a) drifting apart b) a functional partnership or c) an enduring partnership.

Jul 312014

Transworld Paper No. 37

by Nelli Babayan and Thomas Risse

What is the direction of EU and US democracy promotion and can we talk about a transatlantic democracy promotion? This paper addresses these questions from the perspective of transatlantic security communities and argues that joint transatlantic democracy promotion is still embryonic. However, at the same time there are clear indications of converging identities and interests with regard to strategies and instruments of democracy promotion, which could result in meaningful transatlantic partnership in challenging situations.



Jun 112014

Transworld Paper No. 30 by Kristina Puzarina, Jana Pötzschke and Hans Rattinger This paper provides a comparative analysis of mass and elite orientations towards human rights and democracy promotion in the United States, the European Union, and Turkey. In particular, it focuses on importance, general attitudes, relevant actors as well as policies and instruments within [...]

Apr 122013

Transworld Paper No.20 by Nelli Babayan This paper analyses US approach to human rights and democracy promotion to track the adjustments it has undergone in the last decade. In addition, by focusing on such landmark events as the 9/11 terrorist attacks, changes in the presidency and the Arab Spring, the paper aims to reveal possible [...]

Apr 102013

Transworld Paper No.19 by Lee A. Bygrave The paper analyses similarities and differences between US and European regulatory policy in the field of data privacy. It shows that US regulation in the field is not uniformly weaker than European regulation. It also argues that while European policy preferences in the field have been more globally [...]