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Environment and climate change

Transatlantic relations and environmental and climate change politics
This group focuses on long-term trends in global environmental politics and policy adjustments made by the US and the EU. The aim is to assess whether in the field of international environmental and climate change politics the transatlantic relationship is a) drifting apart b) a functional partnership or c) an enduring partnership.

Jun 302014

Transworld Paper No. 36

by Eugenio Cusumano

Global environmental governance has experienced a remarkable evolution over the last two decades, seeing the United States handing over its leadership role to the European Union. This paper analyses the transformation of transatlantic environmental governance through the lens of three scenarios, namely enduring partnership, structural drift and functional relationship. While the emergence of major disagreements over key issues such as climate change and biodiversity precludes the possibility of considering transatlantic environmental relations as an enduring partnership, these tensions have not degenerated into a structural drift, and various forms of cooperation have endured at different levels and in different environmental issue-areas. Due to the coexistence of cooperation and disagreement and the key role played by domestic political factors in shaping EU and US environmental postures, the present and future evolution of the transatlantic environmental partnership can be best conceptualised as a functional relationship.


Jun 182014

Transworld Paper No. 31 by Darina Peycheva, Jana Pötzschke, Theron Delano Hall and Hans Rattinger This paper compares mass and elite perceptions of environmental issues in the United States, the European Union, and Turkey. It covers four topics related to the importance of the issue area, general attitudes, the role of individuals and in istitutions [...]

May 132013

Transworld Paper No. 26 by Simone Borghesi and Massimiliano Montini This paper examines the main legal and economic aspects of the EU Emission Trading System (EU ETS), with a particular emphasis on its features with respect to previous cap-and-trade regimes, its environmental and technological effectiveness and its potential role as a prototype for a global [...]

May 062013

Transworld Paper No. 25 by Antony Froggatt, Estelle Rouhaud and Tereza Svacinová The EU is on track to reach both its Kyoto Protocol commitments and its own 2020 targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). However, meeting the ambitious 2050 decarbonisation objective will require significant changes across Europe, and in particular in the energy [...]