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Transatlantic security

This group focuses on long-term trends in the global security context and policy adjustments made by the US and the EU. The aim is to assess whether transatlantic security relationship is a) drifting apart b) a functional partnership or c) an enduring partnership.

Sep 142013

Transworld Paper No. 28 by Shoon Murray How is the United States adjusting to rising powers and power diffusion in the international arena? This working paper investigates post-Cold War adjustments in US policy and discourse on selected transnational issues (terrorism, nuclear proliferation, cyber-security, and weak states), new forms of intervention (humanitarian interventions and post-conflict stabilization), [...]

Apr 302013

Transworld Paper No.13 edited by Anne-Marie Le Gloannec, Bastien Irondelle and David Cadier This report focuses on selected international security areas. At the theoretical level, it discusses new approaches to security dominated by multiplicity and complexity, with a special emphasis on three emerging concepts that have been increasingly used in security studies: globalization, human security [...]