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Conceptual framework

Conceptualizing transatlantic relations
This group sets the conceptual framework for the redefinition of the transatlantic relationship. It defines the hypotheses describing the current state of the transatlantic relationship: a) structural drift; b) functional relationship; c) enduring partnership.

Oct 012012

Transworld Working Paper 02 by Thomas Risse The end of the Cold War resulted not only in the collapse of the communist regimes in Europe but also in fluctuating transatlantic relations once NATO’s foe was gone. Today, with the US struggling with a reeling economy and the EU mired in the Eurozone crisis, the number [...]

Oct 012012

Transworld Working Paper 01 by John Peterson, Nathalie Tocci and Riccardo Alcaro A theoretical framework is needed to make sense of a new international order and the place of the transatlantic alliance in it. We focus on three variables: 1) rising multipolarity; 2) the future of multilateralism, and 3) the scope for transatlantic leadership. The [...]

Sep 122012

TRANSWORLD’s work package on developing a ‘Conceptual Framework for the Redefinition of the Transatlantic Relationship’ held its first workshop at the University of Edinburgh on 10-11th September 2012. Hosted by the University’s Europa Institute, it brought together 15 colleagues from 5 of TRANSWORLD’s institutional partners and other Universities to debate and discuss 5 papers that will be [...]

 Posted by on September 12, 2012